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Native American Sandpainting Christmas Ornament! Handmade - Irwin Jim


Native American Sandpainting Christmas Ornament! Handmade - Irwin Jim

Native American Indian Authentic Navajo Sandpainting by Marlene Dobey

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This authentic Navajo Sandpainting from the Navajo nation in western New Mexico. This sandpainting is by Marlene Dobey and includes a Certificate of Authenticity on the back. According to Navajo spiritual beliefs, the Universe is a very delicately balanced thing. If this balance is upset, some disaster will happen, usually an illness. To restore the balance and harmony requires performing one of the many Navajo chants or ways. These complex ceremonies involve many forms of healing medicine, including herbs, prayers, songs and Sandpaintings. The sandpainting is done in a careful and sacred manner, according to the ancient knowledge of the art. As the patient is seated atop the completed the sandpainting, the medicine man bends to reverently touch a portion of the figure in the sandpainting, then moves to touch the patient, transferring the medicine and power. As this is done the sickness falls from the patient and harmony to this Universe is restored. By tradition, before the sun sets, the sandpainting is erased using a sacred eagle feather which completes the ceremony. The patient rises and walks in the beauty of the Universe once again. Free Insured Shipping within the US!

Additional Information

Materials Wood, Sand
Measurements 7" x 7"
Artist Marlene Dobey
Tribe Navajo
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